Why choose NS Tailoring?

NS Tailoring are designed to give you expert skills in the art of Fitting, Sewing dresses and garment re -construction. In your spare time how to make an extra income OR Save money and Time for whole life by doing these classes. There are various courses available as per your choice.

There are reasons for you to choose NS Tailoring:

  • Setup your own business…
  • Alter your clothes to fit to your comfort…
  • Skill to construct professional looking garments…
  • Unlimited Time

Indravadan Patel

A simple, effective and extremely useful program for girls and women of all ages that helps them be independent for life!”

Jan Shikshan Sansthen Vadodara

Tailoring Classes


1 Month

    Basic Dress
    Basic Blouse
    Chaniya Choli


2 Month

    Designer Blouse
    Designer Kurtis


6 Month

    Child Special


12 Month

    Diploma In Fashion Tailoring